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Oh, Brian Bannister Is Pitching Today, Too

The story of today's Royals and Nationals game -- and the reason MLB Network is carrying it -- is Stephen Strasburg's fourth start.

For the Royals, Brian Bannister is pitching, and that's interesting for Kansas City folks because he's trying to recover from two pretty bad starts in a row.

On June 12, Bannister gave up 11 runs in three-plus innings against the Reds. His next start, last Friday against the Braves, and gave up five runs in four innings.

“What happened in Cincinnati,” Bannister said, “I hadn’t gotten over that when I pitched in Atlanta. But I’ve had another five days, and it’s my job to go out there and be ready to go. And I will be.”

That's 16 runs in seven-plus innings.

Today Bannister will try to, you know, not give up 16 runs in seven innings.

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