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Royals Manager Ned Yost Weighs In On Stephen Strasburg

Royals manager Ned Yost, like everyone else, wants to see Stephen Strasburg in person. He's heard all the hype, now it's time to check it out himself, he tells FOX Sports Kansas City.

What I'm intrigued to see is a guy with that kind of stuff, his command. That's what intrigues me because if you have command, you can pitch with an 83 MPH fastball, like Livan Hernandez proved to us the other day.  If you've got 97mph stuff, the great curveball and command, you dominate. This kid's career has been domination to this point.

The last time a guy like him who really came through the big leagues that I can remember was Dwight Gooden. To have that kind of stuff, that kind of hype behind him and to be able to back it up.

Gooden came into the league in 1984 and quickly dominated. He had one of the best seasons ever for a pitcher in just his second year so that's a good goal to have.