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Brian Bannister Wouldn't Mind A Greinke Vs. Strasburg Matchup

Royals pitcher Brian Bannister talked with FOX Sports Kansas City before the game against Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals. He indicated that, dating back to last week, the Royals had this game in mind.

We had this debate about who should pitcher Friday in Atlanta because we knew who ever pitched that game would have to go against Strasburg.

I thought, Greinke. It would have been an amazing matchup, Greinke vs. Strasburg. Then Greinke would've gotten to hit twice which would have been fun. It's going to be fun. It'll be a huge crowd and I'll get to see his stuff up close and personal.

I gotta say, I agree. That would have been a great, great matchup. Alas, it's Bannister.