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Royals Pitcher Gil Meche Throws Off A Mound On Wednesday

Gil Meche is still a few weeks from returning.

Meche, who has been out since May 26, started throwing off of a mound on Wednesday. Earlier this week, Meche had said throwing off of a mound didn't feel right yet.

"I'm throwing really good on flat ground, but when I'm on the mound, I'm doing something different mechanically with my arm slot," Meche said. "It's almost as if I'm going a little bit higher.

"When I throw on the mound, they make me think about it right before I am about to throw, being as low as I can be [with the arm slot] and I feel like I am side-arming it. They say I'm not. They want to videotape it so I can see it and I get comfortable."

Apparently the issue is slowly but surely getting batter.

"He feels better, still feels it just a little bit when he's on the mound. He feels absolutely nothing when he's on flat ground. He's still making progress," manager Ned Yost said.

Meche said that he would most likely be out until after the All-Star break.