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2010 NBA Draft: Realistic Scenario For Former Kansas Jayhawks Cole Aldrich And Xavier Henry

When looking at mock drafts for any sport, I tend to listen to the local beat writers the most often. They're the ones that are connected to the team the most and spend the most time with them. No, it doesn't make them an expert at mock drafts by any means because you're still predicting what other teams will do but I do think they give a good indicator.

One outlet that does a solid job covering the Jayhawks -- -- devised a mock draft with one scenario for Cole Aldrich and Xavier Henry that I think is realistic.

9. Utah Jazz — Cole Aldrich, C, Kansas

“Carlos Boozer’s free agency has left a void in the post for the Jazz and Aldrich is the best big man left on the board. He’ll never dominate offensively but his defensive presence merits a high draft spot.”

14. Houston Rockets — Xavier Henry, SF, Kansas

“Call him Tracy McGrady Part II... Kind of. It’s no secret that the Rockets are set inside and at the point guard. What they need is help scoring. Henry can provide that. As an outside shooter, his range will help spread the defense. And if he ever develops his dribble-drive and learns to create his own shot, he could be a nice successor to the McGrady of old. Someday."

You could even put Henry at the 15th spot to the Timberwolves, who have reportedly shown interest in him.