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Six Years Ago Today: Royals Trade Carlos Beltran To The Astros

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Six years ago today was the Carlos Beltran trade. If you're a Kansas Citian, then you definitely remember this one. You could make an argument that Beltran was the most complete player the Royals had since George Brett and, of course, the Royals traded him away.

It was for the best, I think. Will from Royals Review looked back at the Beltran trade a couple years ago (Feb. 2008) -- after Allard Baird had left -- and summed things up well.

The Beltran trade ended one era and began another. Unfortunately, Allard wasn't going to be part of that new age, but I think all parties are at peace with that now.  And so, Royals Review nods approvingly in the general direction of the memory of Allard Baird's time in KC. Towards Boston I guess, or wherever Allard is tonight. The Beltran trade was that rarest of creatures, a ménage a trois in which everyone, Houston, Oakland and Kansas City, left happy.

For a refresher, here are the details....

  • Royals got: 3B Mike Teahen, C John Buck and P Mike Wood.
  • A's got: P Octavio Dotel
  • Astros got: CF Carlos Beltran

Ironically, the Royals eventually got Dotel.

Then Beltran played half a season -- and a ridiculous eight-homer postseason -- with the Astros before signing a $119 million deal with the Astros.