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MLB Trade Deadline: Where Do The Red Sox Fit Into The David DeJesus Talks?

The way things are moving along, the Royals will definitely be listening to offers for David DeJesus.

But will they make a move?

Just about every report that's out there says there's a high price tag associated with DeJesus because he's just as valuable (if not moreso) to the Royals than other teams. Plus, his price tag is a Royals-esque $4.7 million this season and $6 million next.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe speculates where the Red Sox may fit into the DeJesus deadline talk.

League sources indicate that the price tag for DeJesus has been quite high, with the Royals feeling he is their major chip and they need to get a quality prospect or two in return. Their organizational people love Boston prospect Jose Iglesias, but the slick-fielding shortstop would appear to be an untouchable.

I think the Royals are taking the right approach with DeJesus. They're not in the position to be giving up good players unless they're getting exceptional value in return.

Meanwhile, Cafardo also drops another name that, I think, helps demonstrate what a value DeJesus is.

The Cubs have been shopping Kosuke Fukodome all around baseball. Fukodome, 33, is hitting .281 and is a decent right fielder. He hasn’t fulfilled expectations, but he hasn’t been a bust by any means. But he makes $13 million this year and $13.5 million next season.

DeJesus has better stats, is younger and significantly cheaper than Fukodome. If he's part of the competition out on the trade market, then the Royals have to be feeling good.