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Cole Aldrich On Why NBA Team Should Draft Him: 'Watch Lakers-Celtics Game 7'

Guys who are Cole Aldrich's size and talented players don't come along very often. It's like the old adage in the NFL draft, go with size at the top of the draft because you can't teach that.

Aldrich is obviously aware of that and pointed to his size -- and the Lakers-Celtics game 7 -- as a reason NBA teams should draft him.

“I’d tell them to watch the Lakers-Celtics, Game 7,” said Aldrich, referring to the recent NBA Finals. “That game was all about defense, the big guys were in there banging. And that’s what I love to do. I think that’s what I’ll be able to contribute the most at the next level.”

Sorta the same reason Greg Ostertag was a first round pick (and Jazz fans love him actually).

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