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"Bring LeBron To Kansas City"

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Some people just want all the attention.

Someone apparently from Kansas City has claimed the domain name and issued a strange letter to him to come to Kansas City...even though there isn't a NBA team here.

So what’s the difference between this and the countless other “Get LeBron” initiatives?  That’s easy. We don’t even have an NBA team.

We do, though, have plenty of organizations already named after royalty.

Royals and Chiefs...get it?

And although these teams have experienced their fair share of ups and downs, with downs being the operative word here, we’ve stayed loyal through the thick of it. And now, the people of Kansas City want, nay, deserve a King that’s fit to rule over their vast kingdom of delicious bbq, and overly abundant fountains. Which is why we’ve created this website as our open invitation for you to consider establishing a basketball dynasty in this fine city of ours.

OK, I admit it, if Kansas City had a NBA team, I'd be all over this "Bring LeBron to KC" campaign.