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2010 NBA Mock Draft: Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry Go Very High At SB Nation

So if you're a Kansas Jayhawks fan and you've been wondering if you should start reading SB Nation Kansas City and SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk, here's a reason why you should:

SB Nation apparently loves them some Jayhawks.

Take a look at the official 2010 NBA mock draft from our league of NBA bloggers.

We've already had a post on where the two Jayhawks would go but, as a refresher, here's what likely is the best-case scenario for the two lottery Jayhawks:

7. Detroit Pistons - Cole Aldrich, Center, Kansas Jayhawks

Defense. Rebounding. Shot-blocking. The kind of paint-focused player that gives every other player on his team a better shot from the field. He'll give his man problems, and he'll make the paint deadly territory for driving guards. Is he going to score 20 points a game, is he going to even impact your team's offense in a productive way? No. He's a specialist. His ceiling is pretty much hit his sophomore year. But 10/10 and 2 ain't nothing to cough about, especially on a rookie contract.

From SB Nation's Detroit Bad Boys.

9. Utah Jazz - Xavier Henry, Guard, Kansas Jayhawks

With Monroe off the board the Jazz front office have stated that they're going to take the best player available despite their glaring need for a defensive big man. Their next favorite target is Xavier Henry.

The Jazz traded away Ronnie Brewer last season because they had a "logjam" at the wing position amongst other reasons. Despite that, they'll take Henry who is said to have one of the most NBA-ready games and bodies in the draft. His outside shooting ability will be a welcome addition to the Utah offense. In Jerry Sloan's system, good passing is a necessity, so Henry should fit the bill.

From SB Nation's SLC Dunk.