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Kansas Chancellor Outlines Changes Being Made, Considers Lawsuits After Ticket Scandal

Kansas Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little met with the Kansas Board of Regents on Thursday morning to outline a few steps the university has taken to prevent a future ticket scandal like the one that rocked Kansas last month.

Per the Associated Press:

  • The school will hire a new auditor to prevent future issues in the athletic department
  • Examining the memberships of the athletic department's board of directors
  • Made changes to how tickets are handled

Gray-Little also revealed that the university is considering suing the alleged participants in the ticket scandal. Those involved, from the original Yahoo! Sports report:

The report implicates former KU basketball player Roger Morningstar, former KU ticket manager Rodney Jones, real estate developer David Freeman and "college basketball power brokers" David and Dana Pump.

A possible lawsuit against former player Roger Morningstar? This could get a little messy.