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2010 NBA Draft: Should Cole Aldrich Have Left Kansas Last Year?

As we mosey our way to the 2010 NBA draft, I just wanted to point out that former Kansas Jayhawk Cole Aldrich is one of the players that was probably better served coming out earlier than he did.

After Aldrich's sophomore year, quite a few folks were saying he should head to the NBA.

He was projected to be a top 5-10 pick (a little higher than this year) but cited his drive for a championship and the opportunity to improve his game (along with Sherron Collins) as a reason for staying.

It's an admirable move -- and it's hard to knock him for it -- but was it the right move?

This year, Aldrich is rated slightly lower than he was last year, if you take mock drafts as the gospel. Most have him in the 7-16 range compared to a seemingly guaranteed top 10 range last year.

In the end, not much will have changed but he stayed an extra year so he could gain something. As it turns out, it looks like he didn't gain much instead losing some money because of his draft position and a full year of experience (and pay) in the NBA.