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2010 NBA Mock Draft: Settling On A Consensus For Jayhawks Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry And Sherron Collins

More and more 2010 NBA mock drafts are starting to spill in. Kansas City-based paper The Pitch compiled a lot of the rankings and has begun to settle on a consensus for both former Kansas Jayhawks Cole Aldrich and Xavier Henry, as well as Sherron Collins.

One observation: I guess I didn't realize how many people had Sherron Collins going undrafted.

Make sure you check out The Pitch for more links to mock drafts. Here's the rundown...

Cole Aldrich:

Highest pick: No. 7 to the Pistons
Lowest pick: No. 18 to the Heat
Consensus: No. 14 to the Rockets
Best guess:  Aldrich goes to the Rockets, who could use insurance with the oft-injured Yao Ming in the middle. Aldrich provides some insurance, although at least one writer is already pegging him as this draft's bust.

Xavier Henry:

Highest pick: No. 10 to the Pacers
Lowest pick: No. 15 to the Bucks
Consensus: No. 13 to the Raptors
Best guess: The Jazz may need to replace Carlos Boozer at forward. The Bucks just traded for a couple of guards. The Pacers need a point guard and are trying to trade the No. 10 pick. The Hornets have good young guards, and could use front court help. So could the Rockets and Raptors. All this is to say, Henry slips to the Minnesota Timberwolves at No. 16, and he's a great pick that late.

Sherron Collins:

Highest pick: No. 54 to the Clippers
Lowest pick: Undrafted
Consensus: Undrafted
Best guess: Collins signs as a free-agent with an pro team.