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Jarrad Page Is Already Off The Chiefs Radar

There haven't been any new developments with the Jarrad Page situation since he requested a trade from the Chiefs exactly one week ago.

Apparently, it didn't take long for the Chiefs to miss him. Per Bob Gretz of, Page is "already gone" in the Chiefs mind.

I like Jarrad Page. He's always been a standup guy in the locker room. He could always be counted on to speak after games, even in the tough times. He has some skills, although they are not top shelf. He was successful with his brains. He just does not fit with the Haley led Chiefs and the sooner they consummate this divorce, the better for Page. Nobody with the Chiefs is thinking about Page - on their radar screen, he's already gone.

There has to be some sort of resolution here. I don't see Jarrad Page sitting out the entire season. The Chiefs control his rights either way so I suspect something will be worked out where Page is no longer a Chief. I don't expect Chiefs GM Scott Pioli to be bullied into doing anything, though.