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Allard Baird Connection Could Help Royals, Red Sox At MLB Trade Deadline

On Thursday, the Boston Globe speculated on where the Red Sox might fit in the event they pursue the Royals' David DeJesus near the MLB trade deadline.

There's one other note to consider when talking about the Red Sox: The Allard Baird connection. Baird is working in the front office for Boston. It's normal for scouts, personnel evaluators and GMs to dip into what's known versus the unknown (Did you know Dayton Moore worked for the Braves?).

Just last week, Ryan Shealy was the benefactor of the Baird connection.

Baird recently recommended that the Sox sign Ryan Shealy, a big first baseman who never quite made it in Kansas City, and he has started strongly for Pawtucket.

Would the Baird connection be the reason a deal got done? Of course not, but it makes things a lot easier when someone is very familiar with your team.