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2010 NBA Draft: Cole Aldrich Goes 11th Overall To The New Orleans Hornets

Cole Aldrich is in the NBA.

The New Orleans Hornets drafted the former Kansas Jayhawks center with the 11th overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft.

Here's what ESPN's Fran Franschilla had to say about the selection:

What he is, is a very safe pick. He's an outstanding defensive player. He doesn't have fellow Timerbwolves' Kevin McHale's offensive game yet. When you're talking about Cole Aldrich, you're talking about a guy that's going to shot block and rebound. He's got a little game inside with the jump hook but really where he was most effective with Bill Self was screening and the pick and roll.

More importantly, it's what he brings to the Hornets on the defensive end. You're talking about a guy with 15 double-doubles this year, 125 blocks and, to his credit, got off to a very slow start because of the death of his grandmother, he picked it up during the season. You're going to get a guy that's low maintenance, high-IQ. He's going to give the coaches a great work ethic and hopefully a great anchor inside.

He's not going to be a great NBA player but a guy that will help you win and be in your rotation for a long, long time. Bill Self's gotta be happy about this because Cole Aldrich could have stayed as a sophomore, but he stayed, and gave Kansas three terrific seasons.