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2010 NBA Draft: Cole Aldrich Speaks After Being Drafted By Hornets

Here's what Cole Aldrich had to say moments after being drafted....

On coming back for another year:

I think it helped me in so many ways. Not only on the basketball court but maturing as a person. I went through a lot with my grandmother passing away and I just want to thank my parents for helping me get through that.

On what former Kansas teammate Julian Wright has to say:

He says great things with Coach Williams just getting sign two weeks ago. He's going to bring a lot of energy and that fanbase back to New Orleans.

On working out with the Hornets coach:

He's a guy that really just loves to go out and run. He's going to be a good guy to play for.

Playing with Chris Paul:

It's going to be awesome. I was fortunate to play with Sherron Collins for three years at Kansas and now Chris Paul.