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Kansas Chancellor Said Points System Is Here To Stay

Kansas Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little got good reviews from the Kansas Board of Regents despite residing over one of the worst periods in the history of Kansas athletics.

Amid the ticket scandal at Kansas, Gray-Little has vowed to the regents to make changes. One of those changes, she said Thursday, was more transparency in the points system which governs how the best seats at athletic events are distributed to the donors.

While some have argued that the point system itself is flawed and that the university should do away with it, Gray-Little said Thursday, “I am used to a similar point system and I think it is responsible and it is here to stay.”

The points system was one of the crucial factors in allowing this scandal to take place. Donors were giving thousands and thousands of dollars to the school -- much more than in the past -- and yet they were being moved back at basketball games? Since no one either could, or was authorized to explain it, it went unexplained before being revealed as one of the key points in the scandal that rocked KU.

Even if it's for perception reasons, it's probably time to dump the points system as it is.