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Kansas City Confidence Polls: Missouri Tops Kansas But Chiefs Remain At The Top

Our first Kansas City Confidence Poll was last week. It ran for a few days but it happened to be before and after it was announced that the Big 12 (-2) would be saved so some Mizzou and KU fans were saying things would be different this time around.

And they were right. The Mizzou fans, at least.

Missouri topped Kansas after being crushed by them in week one. Or, for our purposes here at SB Nation Kansas City, Rock M Nation beat Rock Chalk Talk.

Here are the results with last week's in parentheses.

  • Kansas City Chiefs: 64 (59)
  • Kansas Jayhawks: 54 (56)
  • Missouri Tigers: 56 (34)
  • Kansas City Royals: 28 (26)

You can see the results on the SB Nation Kansas City home page.

This means that for the second week in a row the Chiefs -- the Chiefs! -- are the most confident fan base in the Kansas City area (or, you know, two hours east in Columbia, too.

Now that there's not so much unrest in the Big 12 (-2), I imagine Kansas and Missouri fans will be in a tight race the rest of the way. Kansas blew out Missouri last week when it looked like the Big 12 was crumbling (and it was Missouri's fault).

And, staying steady, is the Royals. Consistency, Royals Review readers, consistency.