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Jose Guillen's Hitting Streak Is Now 6th Best In Royals Franchise History

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Jose Guillen had another hit on Friday night against the Cardinals.

And, yes, it was another single. But this time he drove in one on the Royals three-run third inning.

Here's how Guillen stacks up against the Royals franchise record for hitting streaks.

  • 30 George Brett (1980)
  • 27 José Offerman (1998)
  • 25 George Brett (1982-83)* and Mike Sweeney (1999)
  • 22 Brian McRae (1991)
  • 21 Rey Sanchez (2001)
  • 19 Amos Otis (1974), David DeJesus (2004-05)

How far do you think he gets? Am I jinxing it?