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Billy Butler Glad Royals Signed Christian Colon Early

Royals first baseman Billy Butler said it was a good move for the Royals and Christian Colon to come to an agreement sooner rather than later.

Billy Butler was the last Royal not to have a long, drawn-out signing process and says getting action immediately helped him out a lot, according to the Kansas City Star.

“That’s what benefited (me) the most,” Butler said. “Because I signed early, they sent me to (Idaho Falls). I went out there and had a good year, and they were able to push me quicker to the big leagues.” It couldn’t have worked out any better, obviously.

“I’ve wanted to play baseball my whole life, and I’m getting to live it now,” Butler said. “Once the dust settles, he gets to go out there and have fun everyday.”

The Royals front office has done their part. Now it's up to everyone else to develop him.