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MLB Trade Deadline: More Talk Of Red Sox, David DeJesus

Scott Lauber of the Boston Herald is the latest Boston-area media outlet to drop David DeJesus's name in connection with the Red Sox and the MLB trade deadline.

While they wait for Jacoby Ellsbury's broken ribs to heal, the Red Sox have contacted several teams to gauge potential trades for an outfielder.

One such discussion centered around the Kansas City Royals’ David DeJesus, according to a major league source. However, with DeJesus under contract next season for only about $6 million, the Royals are looking for a big league-ready player and at least one prospect.

The newsy item is that that the Royals want a big league player in return. It wasn't clear if they would settle for prospects.

This will be an interesting year. The Royals could be big players at the trade deadline.

Expect the DeJesus talk to heat up moving forward.