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Bill Self Did Something Right, Early Reviews On Xavier Henry Are Good

Looks like Bill Self did something right.

Xavier Henry's got Memphis excited because of, not only his athleticism (which some people questioned), but his "basketball IQ."

"Basketball IQ and the ability to play the game as it was created offsets a lot of physical liability," Hollins said. "I think if you can play angles and you can space and if you can anticipate, then you're going to be better than the athlete that can run fast and jump high. That's what this game has always been about.

This is a reflection of Bill Self and the Kansas program. There's a big difference between the high school game and the college game so the pointers Henry obviously received at Kansas have translated well.

As we've said before, Self still has a vested interest in seeing Henry succeed. The more NBA players Self and Kansas put into the NBA -- and the more players that become good or great NBA players -- only helps his future recruiting.