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Royals Players Weigh In On The 2010 World Cup

Just because you're on a professional baseball team doesn't mean you're not a soccer fan. Ask Brian Bannister, who says there's quite a bit of soccer talk going on at Kauffman these days.

"We have it on 24 hours," Bannister said. "I don't have a particular team that I root for, like some guys, but I think it's great."

Billy Butler is also rooting for a USA victory.

"It's always good to see America in there," Butler said. "You like to see them win, and they're definitely up for a challenge. I enjoy watching them, it's my home country and I'm very proud of my homeland. Any time you see the United States, you want to see them win."

And I know you were waiting for Bruce Chen's opinion:

"I like the World Cup, you see the best in the world going over there and representing their country, and they really go all out for their country," Chen said. "I really think it's neat."