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2010 NBA Draft: Bill Self Says Cole Aldrich Is Better Off In A Smaller Market

Cole Aldrich is going from Lawrence to Oklahoma City to play for the Thunder. Per Aldrich's former coach, Jayhawks' Bill Self, this is about the best spot for him.

"I don't think Cole could have gone to a better place than Oklahoma City," Self said. "He'll be so much more comfortable with the environment that exists there. That organization has done a fabulous job, not just at winning games but creating a family type environment I think Cole will thrive in.

"I don't want to say this in the wrong way, but I think Cole will operate very well in a smaller market. He could possibly get lost in some bigger places. I think all young kids can. Cole is fired up. His whole family is fired up right now."

Aldrich and Kevin Durant...Not a bad combo.

I think initially a smaller market is good for Aldrich so he can get used to the game. But, like all players, he's eventually going to want more attention because it makes himself more marketable. We'll see how it turns out.