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Kansas City Top Five: Gameday Experiences

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What are the top five gameday experiences in and around Kansas City? Here's your list....

Kansas City is the barbecue capital of the world, so it only makes sense that we have outstanding gameday experiences. From Arrowhead to Kauffman to Allen Fieldhouse, Kansas City sports some of the best.

So what are the top five game day experiences for Kansas City? Here's you go:

(Editor's Note: Yeah, I know some of these aren't located in Kansas City but we still claim them.)

5. Kauffman Stadium

If the Royals were competitive, this would be much closer to the top. Since the product on the field hasn't been anything to write home about, we have to focus on the rest of the stadium.

Kauffman just so happens to be the favorite stop of quite a few players. (No, not just because they usually walk out a winner.) The fountains make it unique and, on a Friday night game, it's almost unbeatable.

The local flavor of the food -- Gates Barbecue -- is definitely unbeatable. I'd argue that's the best ballpark food in the country. Aramark BBQ? Damn.

Once the Royals become winners again, I suspect this will move on up the list.

4. Faurot Field

Ah, yes, Missouri gets the nod over Kansas in this one. Faurot Field on a Saturday afternoon is college football for a lot of people. Sure, Mizzou's not a powerhouse every year but you've still got folks who take the two-hour drive from Kansas City and St. Louis to take in a Tigers game.

If you know someone on campus, you're probably at the house early in the morning grilling and boozing (of course), and if you don't know anyone, you're in the parking lot doing the same.

College football games are special and Faurot Field is part of that.

It also doesn't hurt when the "Big XII" bar has a postgame drink special.

3. Kansas Speedway

Not your traditional game, right?

I'm admittedly not a major NASCAR fan, but I have been to one event at the Speedway and, to be honest, it was one of the cooler experiences of my life.

The first thing you need to realize is the sound. TV doesn't do it justice. It's deafening. If you're heading out there, ear plugs are probably needed.

The second thing you need to appreciate is just how big it is. Arrowhead will fit slightly under 80,000 people. The Speedway? Nearly 100,000.

Just like football games, fans are out there early tailgating and drinking. If you get the chance, it's worth it.

2. Allen Fieldhouse

I've been to Allen Fieldhouse one time and it was, to put it simply, amazing. The history. The crowds. Just the feeling you have walking in there. It's impressive.

This isn't the loudest place in the Kansas City area (that distinction goes to Arrowhead) but it is the hardest to play. It is a rare occasion when the Jayhawks lose in Lawrence. It just doesn't happen very often.

It's relatively small -- most basketball arenas are compared to other pro sports -- but that's what makes it so intimidating for opposing teams. The fans are right on top of you.

And when they start saying "Rooock Chaaaalk Jaaaayhaaaawk," you know it's over.

1. Arrowhead Stadium

OK, maybe I'm biased for the Chiefs, but Arrowhead is not only the best gameday experience in Kansas City but all of the NFL.

It simply can't be topped.

And it's not just a Chiefs thing. Remember KU and MU in 2007? That was the second largest crowd ever at Arrowhead and, frankly, probably the best game that's ever been played there.

Are things different now that the Chiefs aren't very good? Sure, but it doesn't change this ranking.

Fans are out at the stadium before 8 a.m. (if not out the night before), grilling, drinking and cheering for the Chiefs. The aroma reminds you of the many outstanding local barbecue spots around town and the camaraderie that's created is ever-lasting.

Unless you're a Raiders fan.