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Kansas City Named As The No. 3 Most Patriotic City

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Men's Health Magazine recently ranked the country's most patriotic cities and Kansas City landed at No. 3 behind Portland, Ore., and Salt Lake City, Utah.

[Editor's Note: We're also the sixth fattest and 36th drunkest city. Local sports teams play a role in both of those.]

Now, this ranking wasn't based on sports. It was based on the "percentage of registered voters who turned out for state and federal elections; money spent on military veterans per capita; the percentage of residents who volunteer and participate in civic activities; and the sales of fireworks and U.S. flags to determine which cities have the most national pride."

But with Kansas City being prominently featured on ESPN during the last World Cup game, I think this would be a good time to apply this to sports as well.

The definition of a patriot: "A person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion."

Take out country and put in "local sports teams" and I think Kansas City still ranks very highly.

Let's take a look:


They are among the worst teams in the NFL. Sure, the stadium has had some trouble selling out, but from the early 90s to just last year, every single game was sold out.

Kansas City is definitely a football town -- even with just 10 wins in three years -- and the Chiefs are definitely the face of Kansas City sports.

Somehow, despite all the losing, the fans are still proud of the team. In our most recent confidence poll, the Chiefs topped all the other local teams in "fan confidence".

You know you're loyal and "patriotic" when your team is this bad and there's still a sense of pride.


The Royals are the definition of bad. No one has lost as many games as the Royals in the last two decades.

Despite that, you've still got a decent chunk of fans who go out to the ballpark, write about the team (like Royals Review) and vote on millions of dollars of stadium improvements when the slight chance of losing the team comes about.

Royals fans are more dedicated than the majority of teams because of how hard the team makes it to like them.

Kansas Jayhawks

Tell a Jayhawks fan that Duke is the best basketball program in the country and you'll find a person that "loves, supports and defends" their team.

Kansas football is starting to come around (or they've already come and gone, depending on who you ask) but it's the basketball team that makes fans "patriotic."

If you're a Mizzou fan, then Kansas fans' undying loyalty and willingness to defend and support their team is incredibly annoying. But if you're a KU fan, then you understand why they help Kansas City make this (hypothetical) list.

Missouri Tigers

Tigers fans, like Jayhawks (yes, something in common), aren't afraid to chant "MIZ - ZOU" at local bars. I know because I experienced that this weekend at a local Kansas City bar.

No, there wasn't a Mizzou game on. It's not football season and basketball is four months away.

Yet, with at least a dozen beers their patriotic attitude toward their school, Mizzou fans have given Kansas City a Tiger feel to it.

Columbia's two hours from Kansas City -- and Lawrence is much closer -- but Mizzou fans have at times painted the city black and gold.


The best part of this entire list? St. Louis -- also known as a poor man's Kansas City -- is ranked 66th. No, St. Louis doesn't like America.