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Ranking The Chiefs Draft Picks: Who Will Have The Biggest Impact In Year One?

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The Chiefs drafted seven players in 2010 and, unlike the 2009 class, are hoping to get a lot of production out of them.

So who's the No. 1 prospect amongst the Chiefs' rookies? Who will make the most impact? It's all here.

7. Jon Asamoah, guard

I don't expect him to see much, if any, playing time in 2010. The Chiefs' guards are set -- Brian Waters on the left side and Ryan Lilja on the right side -- but Asamoah does have a place in the future.

In 2010, he'll be learning the ropes during practice but will only see the field in the event of injury.

6. Cameron Sheffield, outside linebacker

He's not expected to see much of the field. Between Tamba Hali, Mike Vrabel and Andy Studebaker, the Chiefs' outside linebackers are probably set for the most part.

Well, they're set for 2010. The future? That's where Sheffield comes in.

Vrabel is in Kansas City on a one-year contract and potentially won't be back in 2011, so Sheffield will have to soak up all the knowledge he can.

5. Kendrick Lewis, safety

Lewis, a fifth round pick, wasn't expected to play much in year one. But because there's not much at the safety position for the Chiefs, it's possible he sees quite a bit of playing time.

If OTA depth charts mean anything, he's got a shot. Lewis ran with the first team during portions of OTAs, and with Eric Berry next to him, we might have been getting a preview of the future of the Chiefs secondary.

Lewis was a solid draft prospect, but a slower 40 time hurt his stock. For the Chiefs, that might mean they've gotten a steal.

4. Tony Moeaki, tight end

My gut tells me Moeaki does not win the starting tight end battle, but that doesn't mean he won't see playing time in 2010. The Chiefs, for some reason, love tight ends. Scott Pioli usually drafts or acquires one at some point during the season.

The Chiefs have had high turnover at the safety tight end position and Moeaki is going to try to be the one that sticks. The Chiefs will give him every opportunity to do so.

He came on strong at the end of OTAs, so we'll see if he carries that momentum into the season.

3. Eric Berry, safety

Berry is already familiar with the defense the Chiefs will run and has been touted as one of the most NFL-ready players in the league.

He'll have a lot on his plate in year one because the cupboard is pretty bare at the safety spot for the Chiefs, but his size, speed and, most importantly, mental capabilities will allow him a chance to be successful early.

2. Dexter McCluster, receiver

Receivers usually don't have a big impact in their first year in the NFL but McCluster may be different. The Chiefs have basically zero playmakers after Jamaal Charles, so McCluster should be able to step right in and make an impact.

He'll line up at receiver the majority of the time but he'll also line up as a running back. Or a quarterback. Or return kicks.

He's going to be given every opportunity to make a big impact in the NFL. His size has been questioned, but I think Charles showed last year what doubting someone's size means.

1. Javier Arenas, cornerback

This is a strange pick for No. 1, no? A closer look would reveal it's not all that strange.

Arenas is coming from Nick Saban's defense at Alabama. Saban, a former defensive backs coach, runs a defense in the same philosophy as Romeo Crennel and the Chiefs. Saban is also familiar with Scott Pioli and the type of players he likes, so it's no surprise that it was the Chiefs who selected Arenas.

He quickly lined up as the No. 1 nickelback for the Chiefs during OTAs and I suspect that will continue. The NFL is turning into a passing league and the Chiefs already have two cornerbacks that are on their way. Arenas will add to that one-two punch and could help create one of the better secondaries in the NFL.