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Chiefs Fantasy Football Rankings: Jamaal Charles Leading The Way

More fantasy football rankings are starting to spill out. Once again, we'll be looking at how the Chiefs ranked. came out with two different sets of the top 200 fantasy football players.

Here's how the Chiefs ranked in each one:

  • RB Jamaal Charles (33, 34)
  • RB Thomas Jones (71, 71)
  • WR Dwayne Bowe (66, 73)
  • WR Chris Chambers (116, 113)
  • QB Matt Cassel (109, 115)
  • WR Dexter McCluster (132, 128)

It's almost too bad that Jones came to Kansas City. If he weren't here, Charles would be considered a top ten back (if not higher). Instead, they'll split carries which, for the purposes of winning a game, is probably the best scenario.