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Keeping Bernard Pollard In Mind, It'll Be Interesting To See How The Chiefs Handle Jarrad Page

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The final list of cuts before the start of the 2009 season saw a very surprising player included: Bernard Pollard.

The safety was a liability at times in pass coverage but seemingly worked hard and got along with his teammates. Pollard went on to the Houston Texans, where he put up a solid year, drawing the praise of Texans fans.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli received some criticism for cutting Pollard, so Chiefs fans are watching anxiously to see how they handle the Jarrad Page situation.

I think the fans' perception of Page is about the same as Pollard -- sure, he's got flaws, but overall he's a good player.

And the Chiefs are not in the market to be giving up good players.

So how will the Chiefs handle the Page trade request?

Chiefs fans are watching with curiosity not only because they might lose a good player such as Page, but also because they want to see if the Chiefs learned from their mistake (or the perception that it was a mistake) of cutting Pollard.

The Chiefs don't have to say anything about Page for quite a while -- into training camp -- so don't expect much, if any, movement until then. But rest assured, Chiefs fans are watching with plenty of curiosity.