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Missouri Tigers Coach Mike Anderson Expects Tony Mitchell, Rest Of Recruiting Class To Be In Columbia

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During a Big 12 coaches conference call on Monday, Missouri Tigers coach Mike Anderson said he expects all of his recruits for the 2010 season to be in Columbia in the fall.

Usually that's not a revelation -- that a coach expects his recruits to show up for school -- but for Tony Mitchell, the heralded swing forward out of Dallas, it is.

Mitchell committed to the Tigers last winter and caused a few eyebrows to be raised when he did so because he's a top 15 recruit.

Mike Anderson is set to add one of the most heralded recruits in the country to his 2010 recruiting class. Tony Mitchell, a 6-foot-8, 220-pound forward from Dallas ranked 15th on's list of the top 150 prospects in the country, gave the Tigers a verbal commitment during his weekend visit to Columbia and is expected to sign letter of intent before the NCAA's early signing period ends on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, things weren't that easy. Last month, his test scores as well as his grades were called into question.

Sources told WFAA that 14 of the high school credits Mitchell brought from the Miami school were not transferable at Pinkston. But last November, according to the TV report, Pinkston principal Norma Villegas allowed Mitchell to quickly make up the credits. Villegas didn't return calls to her office Thursday.

Sources told WFAA that Mitchell took the equivalent of nine makeup exams in two days – five of them during a two-hour period – and passed, effectively going from a freshman at Pinkston to qualifying as a senior.

Now, Anderson's comments would imply that there is some good news coming for Mitchell -- and that he got his test scores in the right place, according to Mike DeArmond of the Kansas City Star.

Translation? Sounds as if Mitchell finally got that ACT score he's been seeking and now is waiting on an NCAA Clearinghouse ruling on whether course work from a Florida prep school will be counted toward graduation requirements from high school in Dallas.

Anderson does admit that Mitchell has some things "under review" right now but he's publicly said he expects Mitchell to be there so we'll see if he's right.

Though Mizzou's class will be solid either way, Mitchell's signing would arguably place it in the top 10.