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Cole Aldrich Compares Oklahoma City To Lawrence, Talks About Sherron Collins

Cole Aldrich joined Paul Allen of KFAN in Minneapolis this week and talked about being drafted into the NBA.

On playing in Oklahoma City:

“You really look at it. They don’t have any other professional teams in that area. In kind of reminds me of KU because, in Kansas City 45 minutes away we have the Chiefs and the Royals, but they don’t have a professional basketball team. In Oklahoma City that’s all there is. There is only that.”

On Sherron Collins going undrafted:

“I was. I played with Sherron at KU for three years. He’s just a hard-nosed point guard that knows how to win. You look at a point guard and you break him down, no matter what level you are at, you are based on do you win. Do you win games? That’s what it is. Scoring, assists all that are great things, but can the guy get the job done and win us a game? And he can, so that’s what really surprised me… I heard just the other day that he’s going to workout with the Bobcats just a little bit. I think that’s going to be great for him. I think Sherron’s best when people doubt him.“