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Face Of The Franchise: Bill Self Is Best For Kansas

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We've settled on the face of Mizzou's franchise (QB Blaine Gabbert) but what about Kansas?

They've got arguably the best basketball program in the country and a football team that has, overall, been on the rise in the last decade.

Because of the elite hoops program, the answer here is an easy, according to Owen Kemp of SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk, who calls Bill self as the face of Kansas a "no-brainer."

From the perspective of athletics Bill Self has Kansas competing at the highest level year in and year out.  He recruits, coaches and wins games as well as anyone.  As long as Bill Self remains at Kansas it's hard to imagine they won't continue to compete with the best.

And that's just on the court. Kansas has long been a dominant basketball program and Self continued to raise their profile via multiple deep tournament runs including a national championship -- something Kansas had been missing for 20 years.

Off the court, Self is among the best spokesman for any particular school, corporation...anything.

Off the court Coach Self seems calm, cool and collected in almost any situation.  As an ambassador for the school he presents himself and the University extremely well, while still coming across as honest, genuine and someone that people can relate to.  Kansas couldn't have asked for a better face of the franchise.

Previous candidates might have included Sherron Collins or even Cole Aldrich but, ultimately, it's Self. He's not only the best at Kansas but maybe the best in the country.