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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals OF David DeJesus Not Letting Rumors Get To Him

Royals OF David DeJesus has, in the early goings of the MLB trade season, been the subject of the most talk. He's playing the best ball of his career, has a reasonable contract and can help a team in a variety of ways so his attractiveness is fairly obvious.

That said, he's still got a job to do and still needs to produce since he is, as of today, a Royal. So, for now, he's not worrying about the trade talk, according to Jeffrey Flanagan of FOX Sports Kansas City.

"I hear the rumors but I can't think about them," DeJesus told me. "My friends will text me like they did last weekend and say 'Hey, we hear you're going to Boston.' I just can't let it bother me."

"I'll let my wife worry about the trade stuff and yes, she does do that. But I'm not going to, and like I said, it doesn't really bother me. I just go out there every day and try to do what it takes to help us win."

That's a good attitude.