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Chiefs Don't Rank Well In Top 20 Fantasy Football Players

A panel of experts on recently ranked the top 20 fantasy players at each position. Not surprisingly, the Chiefs weren't featured on many of them. Here are the Chiefs rankings:

Quarterback: None

No surprise here. Matt Cassel has a long way to go to prove he's a top quarterback.

Running back: Jamaal Charles (12)

This is probably about right. Charles would be ranked higher if Thomas Jones weren't in the fold.

Wide receiver: Dwayne Bowe (18)

A little surprising that he's ranked above Chris Chambers (who isn't listed) but Bowe, if healthy and in the line-up, has demonstrated he's capable of putting up some good numbers.

Tight end: None

The Chiefs don't feature the tight end prominently in their offense.

Kicker: Ryan Succop (9)

Hey! Here we go now. Succop should be a solid kicker in 2010.

Defense: None

Again, no surprise.