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Royals Undecided On Ned Yost's Future

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You would think the answer to the question of Ned Yost's future would be an easy one.

He took over for the Royals on May 14 when they were 12-23. Since then, he's got the Royals playing .500 ball which, in Kansas City, is quite a feat.

So is he coming back?

Royals GM Dayton Moore says no decision has been made yet (via Dick Kaegel of

"We're very pleased with the direction of our team, and we'll just make the decision at the appropriate time," Moore said. "I think he's done a terrific job. He's brought a renewed energy and a renewed expectation level to our team and our organization."

Moore declined to commit to Yost beyond 2010 saying he "can't comment on that right now for a lot of reasons."

Meanwhile, Yost is giving no indication that he's interested in going anyplace else.

"I can't think of one drawback. I love the city; I love the stadium; I love watching these kids; I love the front office," Yost said. "I love everything about it."

It's probably best for both sides to wait this thing out. It's only June and there is three more months of baseball to play. For Moore, the Royals could flop down the stretch and make his decision on Yost an easy one. For Yost, his name has been thrown out there as a potential candidate to replace Bobby Cox in Atlanta. Yost and Cox previously worked together for 12 years.

So what if the Braves comes calling? Would that hasten the Royals decision-making?

"Not necessarily," Moore said. "We've got to be concerned with what we do and focus on what we do here. It's challenging enough to manage through your own situation, let alone someone else's."