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MLB Trade Deadline: Giants Not Interested In 'Rental Players', May Rule Out Royals OF Jose Guillen

The Giants won't be looking for "rental players" at the MLB trade deadline, according to GM Brian Sabean.

"We are not interested in free agents," Sabean told FanHouse. "We don't want to rent players. That doesn't make sense for us. We've got to find someone we can control, much like the Freddy Sanchez deal, and hope that presents itself."

Considering it's liars' season, I'm skeptical of this.

Sabean has no reason to publicly suggest he's interested in a player like Royals OF Jose Guillen -- whom they're reportedly interested in -- because all that would do is drive up the price. He has a reason to expressly state he's not interested in Guillen-like players, whose contract expires at the end of the season.

The Royals have reportedly made other teams aware that they're willing to take a hit on Guillen's $6+ million remaining he has on his contract so he would be a bargain.

That said, Guillen would have to play the field everyday in San Francisco so I'm not sure if he makes a ton of sense but, for half a season, he might be worth the risk because he's motivated by securing another contract.

Royals sources have previously been floating Guillen's name.