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MLB Trade Deadline: Braves Reportedly Looking For Right-Handed Batter, Rules Out Royals OF David DeJesus may want to clean up some of their competing reports.

On Monday, Jim Bowden of reported that the Braves were among the teams that were interested in Royals OF David DeJesus as the MLB trade deadline nears.

On Wednesday, Jon Paul Morosi, also of, issues a report that would contradict Bowden's report.

Even though the Braves lost a big left-handed hitter to injury – Rookie of the Year candidate Jason Heyward – they remain focused on upgrading their offense with a right-handed slugger, one major league source said.

DeJesus, of course, is left-handed.

Granted, Morosi characterizes DeJesus as a "less-appealing" option for the Braves and doesn't outright say they're not interested but I found the competing reports interesting.

Considering the Royals are reportedly looking for a king's ransom for DeJesus, I suspect the Braves won't be going hard for a "less-appealing" option like DeJesus.