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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals OF Jose Guillen Says Trade 'Depends On What Happens Over The Next 30 Days'

Royals OF Jose Guillen knows he's one of the players that will be talked about nearing the MLB trade deadline. In an interview with Jeffery Flanagan he seems to indicate that a hot streak by the Royals through July might make the team more likely to keep him.

"It all depends on what happens over the next 30 days," Guillen told "If we start doing well, if we start winning, you never know what can happen.

"I don't know. It all depends if we're winning. If we're out of it? Well, if we're out of it, and I'm making all this money, it's hard for them to keep me. I understand that."

To be honest, I think it'd be the opposite. If the Royals are winning -- and Guillen is playing well -- then his stock would rise and thus the asking price in a trade would rise.

He seemingly doesn't have a future in Kansas City but he did indicate in the interview that he wouldn't mind staying in Kansas City.

And as trade rumors about Guillen heat up, he would like the Royals to know he wouldn't mind staying in Kansas City to make the Royals better. He sees some better things ahead with Yost.

"He is bringing back something here again," Guillen said, smiling. "You see that? He's old school. We need that."

Yep...just don't see him returning either way.