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Jose Guillen Is Not So Fundamental But Helps Royals Beat White Sox 7-6

For commentary on the game, definitely check out Royals Review. Here are a few other notes on the Royals 7-6 victory over the White Sox.

Guillen goes fundamental

On the same day Jose Guillen was quoted as saying the Royals are "fundamentally, one of the worst teams in baseball" and criticized his teammates for worrying about homeruns, Guillen hit a homerun and dropped a routine fly ball.

Ah, the mysteries of Jose Guillen.

Guillen also had a fantastic catch in the 9th inning to help put the game away.

So, to get it straight: dropping a routine fly ball, three-run homer, then a fantastic catch to end the game.

That's Jose.

Greinke gets the W

Zack Greinke got the victory pitching seven innings of one-run ball before being blasted in the 8th for five runs. That's his fourth win of the season.

Heart of the lineup produces

The Royals got five runs from the three (Billy Butler) and four (Guillen) spots. In addition, the first six spots in the lineup scored a run.