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Kansas And Kansas State Are A Package Deal?

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports had an interesting tweet that, if accurate, adds yet another wrinkle to all the talk of expansion.

Kansas and Kansas State must stay together according to state law. Just one more bizarre twist in the ridiculousness of expansion

This is interesting (and KU and KSU fans are probably telling the other “You’re holding us down”) but it doesn’t sound like it will change much. Recently, Dan Lykins of the Kansas Board of Regents said this about the KU/KSU relationship:

“KU and K-State will always be in the same conference together,” Lykins said. “There’s not going to be a split.”

Later, Wetzel retracted (and deleted) his tweet:

On KU, KSU deal. Was told by someone who would know. Obv I’m not an expert in Kansas law, so shouldn’t have tweeted it.

But I think the state law may not matter. It sounds like KU officials, who may have more leverage in this situation, want to stay with KSU.

I wonder how KU and KSU fans will spin this. KU probably tells KSU they’re holding them down.

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