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Conference Expansion: Big 12 Gives Mizzou, Nebraska Expansion Deadline

The rumors of conference expansion have read like a gossip magazine. Missouri has been linked most often to the Big-10. The Texas schools have reportedly been invited to the Pac-10. Kansas may be left out in the cold and Kansas State hopes to be a package deal with their Kansas counterpart.

Apparently, the Big-12 wants to put the gossip mags to rest.

According to the Austin American Statesman, Big-12 officials told Missouri and Nebraska they have until Friday to decide if they're going to bolt for the Big-10. Other reports indicate the deadline may spill into the following week.

Either way, the Big-12 wants to know their plans.

Missouri and Nebraska's decision -- if they decide to leave the Big-12 -- will dramatically impact the conference formerly known as the Big-8. Not only would it eliminate the Big-12 Championship game -- a major money-maker for the conference -- but it would also seemingly eliminate some of the longest rivalries in the history of college sports.

The Big-10 has motivation to bring in Nebraska and Missouri. With Nebraska, the Big-10 would be getting one of the most historic football franchises as well as one of the top fanbases in all of college sports. Meanwhile, a Missouri invite would allow the Big-10 to expand it's television coverage to the St. Louis and Kansas City markets.

The rumors have been flowing without any end in sight -- until now.