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Missouri, Nebraska Officials Mum On Reports Of Big-12 Deadline

Over the weekend, a report surfaced that the Big-12 had given Missouri and Nebraska a Friday deadline to determine whether they were going to leave the Big-12 or not. If they left the Big-12, they would be banking on receiving an invite to the Big Ten conference -- an invite that reportedly hasn't come yet.

Both Mizzou and Nebraska officials aren't confirming nor denying the reports.


When contacted about the issue, Don Walsworth, the former head of the MU Board of Curators, said he was unaware of any ultimatum but that he couldn’t say whether there was one.


"I really don’t know what the final parameters are,” Tom Osborne told a Nebraska newspaper. “I really can’t comment. The agreement when I left (the Big 12 meetings) Thursday was that (conference commissioner) Dan Beebe and (Texas president) William Powers would do the speaking.”

Think about it this way: The deadline is putting Missouri and Nebraska in a tough position considering they reportedly have yet to receive a formal offer for the Big Ten. So if there wasn't a deadline, wouldn't you think both MU and NU officials would be screaming that from the rooftops?

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