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If Left Out Of Expansion Talks, Kansas Basketball Could Suffer The Most

The way Pac-10 expansion talks are going, it could be Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Baylor left out in the cold. The program that would likely see the biggest fall out of all those schools is Kansas basketball.

Arguably the most storied program in NCAA basketball history, Kansas' options may be down to the Mountain West Conference.

KU in the MWC? Ouch.

What would that mean? Essentially, it would mean there would be less media coverage of the Jayhawks if they were in the MWC. Less media coverage usually means less money and recruiting power.

You think KU can bring in Josh Selby if they're in the MWC? That's highly questionable.

If the Pac-10 expansion continues the way reports have it going -- and the Big-10 completes a deal with Missouri and Nebraska -- Kansas basketball could be crushed.

In short, this isn't a good time for KU basketball.