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2010 MLB Draft: Royals Select SS Christian Colon, Cal-State Fullerton

The Royals surprised a few people with their fourth overall selection in the 2010 MLB draft.

SS Christian Colon out of Cal-State Fullerton.

Colon was actually poised to be a high draft pick in 2007 but fell "due to bonus demands and elite tools", according to SB Nation's MLB Bonus Baby. The Padres ended up drafting him in the 10th round and he didn't sign.

Here's a little more on Colon, courtesy of MLB Bonus Baby:

After a slow start, he’s answered those question marks, and he should be a first round pick as either a solid shortstop or offensive second baseman. His tools are still not top-notch, but he has a plus hit tool, average power, average speed, an average arm, and plus defensive tools, making him an intriguing package. His advisor is Scott Boras, which could scare a couple of teams off, but he’s still expected to be an early pick that is signable for the neighborhood of slot money.

Key word: Signable.

Though arguments could be made for taking other players in this slot, the Royals went with a solid player, who has several years of college in him and should be signable. This falls under the safe category as Colon should be a solid infielder and able to play in the show relatively soon.

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