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Kansas Chancellor Called Nebraska Urging Them To Stay In The Big-12

Kansas Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little told the Associated Press in an interview that she called Nebraska Chancelor Harvey Perlman urging him not to move to the Big Ten. The development doesn't come as a huge surprise considering Kansas looks to be the one most affected by expansion.

Little also said she planned to call Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton as well.

If the Big Ten brings in Missouri and Nebraska, that would likely prompt six more Big 12 schools to jump ship to the Pac-10 leaving Kansas among four teams without a conference.

So what would happen to Kansas in the event the Big Ten and Pac-10 purge the Big 12?

"Obviously, that would be a serious disappointment to our community, whether you're talking about students or alumni or other supporters of athletics," said Gray-Little. "Athletics are important to a university. Athletics helps develop friendships and allegiances to the university."

Translation: We'd lose a lot of money.

Gray-Little indicated that she didn't get word from Perlman on which way Nebraska was heading at this point.

Suffice to say, Kansas is aware of the damage any of this expansion would do to their school.