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Pac-10 Expansion: Big-12 Could Be Plucked Apart

The Pac-10 is reportedly moving on their plans to begin extending invitation to several Big-12 schools to join their conference, according to Chip Brown of

Pac-10 commish Larry Scott will start extending invitations formally to six Big 12 schools this week.

Texas, A&M, TTech, OU and Ok St getting invites to Pac-10. Last invite still up in air between CU and Baylor.

What does this mean for KU and MU?

For MU, it would mean they would be desperately hoping for an invitation to the Big-10. The same goes with Nebraska.

For KU, it would be...oh crap. As we previously explained, KU and K-State are likely a package deal, according to reports, so they're hamstrung a little bit on what they can do.

The Pac-10 is reportedly looking to add six teams creating two eight-team divisions. Their way of going about it includes plucking half of the Big-12 teams.