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2010 MLB Draft: Royals Being Linked To LHP Chris Sale

The MLB draft is nothing like the NFL draft. There is no three-day, media-infused event in primetime television. Instead, the MLB draft will go along in relative obscurity (well, relative to the NFL draft at least).

The Royals can make the MLB draft interesting. Like the Chiefs, they're not very good -- which is a bad feeling in-season -- but makes for an interesting draft night with the fourth overall pick.

On Monday morning, SB Nation's Jeff Sullivan speculated on where the Royals might go with the fourth overall pick.

And at #4, the Royals are leaning towards powerful Miami catcher Yasmani Grandal, but there are concerns about how much money he's going to want, and if the team and Grandal's reps can't agree to reasonable demands, the Royals will probably skip the drama and go with Florida Gulf Coast University southpaw Chris Sale, who's known more for his poise and command than for overpowering stuff, and who won't cost as much.

Sullivan nails it, according to ESPN's Keith Law in a recent tweet.

UPDATE: Hearing the Royals will be taking Chris Sale.

Sale is a 6'5", 175 pound southpaw that throws in the lower-90s. He's got a lot of sink to his ball which means the Royals infield could be seeing a lot of action on ground balls. Here's a little more from a scouting report:

He seems to want to get in and go as hard as he can and get off the mound. He'll sometimes lose focus after a couple of innings, making some think he's best suited as a short reliever.

Well, that's too bad. Because everyone knows the Royals don't need a middle reliever....