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Kansas Fans On Asking Missouri To Stay In Big-12: 'A Combination Of Pain And Humiliation'

We passed along the story of Kansas Chancellor Bernadatte Gray-Little calling both Nebraska and Missouri and, as some fans have put it, "begging" them to stay in the Big-12.

So how do Kansas fans feel about their school "begging" Nebraska and Missouri to stick around? Uh, well, read this account from SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk:

The only way I can properly describe this feeling, as a KU fan, is a one-two punch of one-person yanking your shorts down and another hitting you squarely in the groin with a broom handle...a combination of pain and humiliation that only could come from ASKING MIZZOU FOR HELP.

There's a Missouri fan here someplace laughing. Somehow I think if their roles were reversed, Mizzou's reaction wouldn't be much different.

Check out what all the KU fans are saying over at Rock Chalk Talk.