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2010 MLB Draft: Royals Stock Up On College Pitchers In Day Two

The Royals continued on with the loooong MLB draft on Tuesday. On day one, they selected SS Christian Colon with the fourth overall pick.

Courtesy of SB Nation's Royals Review, here are the day two picks:

  • 54th overall pick: Brett Eibner - RHP Arkansas (though may play OF)
  • 86th overall pick: Michael Antonio - HS SS from New York
  • 119th overall pick: Kevin Chapman - LHP Florida
  • 149th overall pick: Jason Adam - HS P from Greater KC
  • 179th overall pick: Scott Alexander - LHP Sonoma State
  • 209th overall pick: Eric Cantrell - RHP George Washington
  • 239th overall pick: Michael Mariot - RHP Nebraska
  • 269th overall pick: Whitley Merrifield - RF South Carolina
  • 299th overall pick: Timothy Ferguson - CF Ole Miss

Read the full reaction from Royals fans over at Royals Review.